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Big Pit Development Study & Interpretation Strategy
For National Museums & Galleries of Wales

The Brief:

  • Support major HLF bid with interpretive strategy and development study for the site and wider area
  • Explain the social and geographic context of the site as well as the machinery and collections

Our Solutions:

  • Engage audience through unique experience of an intact colliery
  • Explore the reality of daily work at the pit face 300 feet below ground
  • Personal stories and real lives – interpretation via ex-miners
  • Recommend integration into the wider cultural landscape of the Blaenavon World Heritage Site

The result:

A successful HLF Bid in 2000

"I wanted to thank you for your contribution to developing the bid. We could not have done what we did without your help and the Council of the National Museum & Galleries of Wales and the Trustees of the Big Pit Blaenavon Trust are most grateful for your help in taking this project so far. The hardest part lies ahead!"

Eurwyn Wiliam, Deputy Director, 2000


Big Pit redeveloped and was awarded the 2005 Gulbenkian Prize.

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