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Interpretation Plan for the Princes of Gwynedd

Client: Cadw
Location: Wales
Value: £19,500
Date: 2010

The Brief:

  • To identify sites associated with the Princes of Gwynedd that could be developed to help interpret the story of the Princes' medieval dynasty in Wales. The sites considered included religious houses from the era of the Princes, historic churches, museums/ information points, sites of the former Llysoed (courts) and castles (or fortified sites) associated with the Princes. The study will feed into the development and implementation of a Pan Wales Heritage Interpretation Plan as part of the Cadw-led Heritage Tourism Project for Wales.
  • To develop an interpretation plan based on that research.

Our Solutions:

  • Our interpretive recommendations sought to find ways to link locations within cluster areas as part of a coherent visitor experience. We sought to use compelling themes and messages to convey the dramatic and little-known stories of the Princes, such as the part they played in forging a sense of Welsh identity.
  • We advocated the use of a ‘storytelling’ approach and style in keeping with the Welsh oral tradition.
  • Our solution to the inaccessibility of many sites was to use pre-visit (including online) information and ‘flagship’ sites such as Conwy Castle to attract and disperse visitors to explore ‘hidden Wales'.


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