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Chester farm development takes a step forward

We’re delighted to announce that the Chester Farm project we have been working on with Northamptonshire County Council has just been successful in securing a grant of £135,800 development funding.


Chester FarmChester Farm house - seen here before the fire in 2010 -
will be put back to viable use.


The project will open up the site – which has Iron Age enclosures, ancient field systems, and a walled Roman town - to the public so that everyone can learn from the hugely significant historical site. We have been working with the council and the consultant team since 2010 to develop a viable, sustainable use for this complex site and to identify the learning, participation and interpretation opportunities. Having supported the client team in developing the Round 1 bid we are excited to see what the future will now hold for Chester Farm!

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Posted 25th October 2012

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