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Mentoring Achievements

We have been continuing our mentoring support for museums in Yorkshire providing interpretive planning and audience development guidance for a wide range of sites.


Piggery, Ripon WorkhouseInterpretation in the Piggery, Ripon Workhouse, developed by Ripon Museums Trust following the mentoring programme.


Our main focus has been to work with teams to build skills in house to help them move forward independently. The museums we have worked with have already reported significant benefits as a result. Ripon Museums Trust has used the interpretive strategy they developed to frame planning for and delivering individual interpretive plans for projects. For Immingham Museum the interpretive planning has helped the team to make decisions and prioritise collections display in their relocation to a smaller site. It’s been a very rewarding and varied scheme to be involved with.

The programme is part of the museum support provided by Museum Development Yorkshire, part of Museum’s Trust and funded by Arts Council England.

Posted 25th October 2012

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