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PLB and HLF invite delegates to get social (media) at MA Conference

Sarah Oswald, PLB’s Projects Director, and Karen Brookfield, Deputy Director Strategy and Business Development at HLF (@heritagelottery), invited delegates at this year’s Museums Association Conference to join their social media community as part of a Museum Practice seminar. The presentation was an opportunity to share some of the research and insights from a study developed by PLB and associates Reach Further ( @ReachFurther) earlier in 2012 on behalf of HLF to inform the strategic thinking around creating an HLF online community.


Museum Practice Seminar


The study included consultation through online surveys and phone interviews with grantees, mentors and monitors and representatives from the wider sector as well as investigation of best practice examples. As well as informing HLF’s Strategic Framework, the study identified some interesting lessons and opportunities for online communities in the sector in general. Attendees at the seminar were invited to find out more by participating in a webinar led by Reach Further on 6th December 2012.

Posted 10th December 2012

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