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Huge congratulations to our clients, Wentworth Castle & Stainsborough Park Heritage Trust on the opening of their newly refurbished Victorian Conservatory.

We’ve been working with the Trust for the past year developing the interpretation for the Victorian Conservatory and Parkland signage. Influenced by the light and translucent nature of the space, we created visually low impact glass graphic panels which appear to float in the six continental themed beds. Reverse printed to glass, the main panels cover a history of botany specific to each continent.


Victorian Conservatory and Parkland Signage


Further interpretation exists in the Potting Shed, a redeveloped area charting the science behind the conservatory build, history of the family, plant hunting and tips from the garden contained in an interactive gardening bench.

Around the ground, we have refreshed the signage, creating interactive panels with brass rubbing plates, facts, tasks and wind up audios with oral histories of guests to the house when it was privately owned.


Victorian Conservatory and Parkland


The Conservatory was constructed in 1885 by Crompton and Fawkes who described it as an ‘iron winter garden’ in their catalogue. It is a rare surviving Victorian glasshouse and in its day was at the forefront of technology, with electric lighting as early as 1886. It would have been used to display some of the many exotic plants, including orchids, palms and ferns collected by the family from around the world.

We wish Director Claire Herring and all her team the very best for the future.

Posted 13th December 2013

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