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PLB supporting Norwich Castle partnership with British Museum

Interpretive design company PLB has been working closely with Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service to develop an exciting new vision for Norwich Castle. On Wednesday 16th February, the creative vision for Norwich Castle: Gateway to Medieval England, was unveiled at the British Museum, launching the partnership between Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service and the British Museum.

Working closely with the client team, and in association with project partners the British  Museum who will provide ‘star’ collections on loan, PLB explored innovative approaches to lighting, projection, AV and collections display and interpretation, building on the Norman theme to showcase the richness of life in Medieval East Anglia. 

Jamie McCall, Creative Director of PLB describes the two creative visions PLB's team developed as "aiming to maximise the impact of the building itself, whilst creating a strong and unique design aesthetic. This, along with an emphasis on displaying the nationally and internationally significant collections in dynamic and unusual ways, will create an object rich, atmospheric and memorable visitor experience."

The stunning visualisations will now be used to enthuse and inspire not only potential funders but also visitors through a programme of public consultations.


Norwich Castle Visual



For more information on PLB and on the Norwich Castle project please contact Jamie.McCall, on or call 01653 698309 


Posted 14th March 2011

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