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Green Design Initiative Launched at M&H Show 2011

This year’s Museums & Heritage Show saw the launch of our Green Design Initiative which aims to embed sustainability within the exhibition design process. It is available to all our design clients and is being developed through an exclusive partnership with Greener Museums (


PLB Stand - M&H Show 2011

PLB Stand - M&H Show 2011

In keeping with our ‘green’ theme, our show stand this year took a sustainable approach, including:

  • Willow screen – a natural product, untreated; it will be moving into one of our teams’ gardens shortly.
  • Screen timber frame - rough planed and untreated timber, minimising production processes, from sustainable timber sources; we’ve dismantled it and will reuse the frame for future stands.
  • Graphic 'discs' - printed directly onto 'Dufaylite'. A display board made from recycled paper with a honeycomb paper internal structure. This creates a very light yet strong and durable board. It's lightweight which also means it is more environmentally friendly for transportation.
  • Newsletter – our newsletter is printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks.
  • Give-away – visitors to our stand and seminars were invited to put something back into the environment with our give-away, sunflower seeds in a coconut cube, just add water!
  • We shared transportation with RS Displays to get the stand there and back, our team travelled by rail!

Some of our stand is MDF....HOWEVER......we are currently sourcing for an MDF equivalent called 'Valchromat' which is a wood fibre board sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills and recycled pine. The manufacturing plant has zero carbon emissions and energy for the plant comes from renewable sources.

We’re currently testing our Green Design Initiative through a pilot project with Southend-on Sea Borough Council.

Watch this space for updates on the Green Design Initiative, or contact us to find out how we can bring a sustainable approach – financially and environmentally – to your design project.


Posted 2nd June 2011

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