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PLB offers a complete range of heritage consultancy, design & delivery services, with all the resources to take your project from feasibility to fit-out. Clients select us for our individual solutions and teamworking ethos - every project is approached with energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to achieving your objectives.

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PLB values summary

As a team, these are the values that collectively matter most to us and show up in all that we do - as individuals, as a team and as a business. We are committed to being:

Creatively Insightful
Our innate curiosity means we are always hungry to learn, to develop new ideas and to develop insightful solutions. We take into account both the big picture and those interesting details that really make the difference.

We seek collaborative, open relationships both externally and internally so that we can achieve the best outcomes by inviting and welcoming contribution from all stakeholders.

We are focused on delivering the best solution for the project, within the agreed fees and timescale - and, if we discover a better option, we will share that, too.

We are committed to supporting the success of everyone within PLB by providing training, support and development opportunities. We look to share and develop best practice as individuals, and as a business in conjunction with our external partners.

We care about our impact on the world, and on each other. We encourage a balanced and responsible approach to the way that we live and work, and the resources that we use.

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