Fuel the fire – REMIX Summit 2018


PLB attended the Culture Technology Entrepreneurship, Remix Summit at the Almeida Theatre and the Museum of London. With guest speakers ranging from Freya Murray (Google Cultural Institute) and Michael Eavis (creator of Glastonbury Festival) the conference focused on current trends in innovation, lateral thinking, the users journey and future cultural experiences. It was good to hear that health and wellbeing are becoming more important through our sector, especially how we nurture and harness the generation of tomorrow.

Future trends within visitor experiences identified:

  1. Get Snappy – with image recognition and image and voice search requiring content to be categorised differently
  2. Access All Areas – new devices, Amazon Alexa, AR glasses, and improved infrastructure, wifi and 5G
  3. The Exploration Game – discovery and inspiration through algorithm recommendations and social media
  4. Automatic for the People – how do people feel about technology, especially as we become more aware of automation, and the risk factor
  5. Destination Data – our attitude to data is changing, and how we feel about selling our personal data and the impact of GDPR

PLB enjoyed chatting about change of technological thinking required for both museums and heritage consultants, in engaging new audiences and new visitor experiences with Sharon Ament (Director of the Museum of London), Dan Snow (The History Guy) along with the many delegates and speakers at the networking and social events.

We left enthused with the current opportunities for economic, political and social change buzzing in our heads and how we can start adopting partnerships across all cultural forms, especially linking the UK to the rest of the world. Both days were summed up by wonderful keynotes from Luke Johnson (Pizza Express), and Sir Tim Smit (Eden Project) – especially Tim’s story about owning a meteor… very engaging.