How to Make Museums More Interesting and Interactive For Today’s Generation

Today’s generation is more digitally-oriented than ever, making it harder for museum curators and managers to market to them. It’s not that there’s a complete lack of interest in history on their part though. Rather, many millennials and younger counterparts simply feel that museums are not in sync with their interests and values. When you’re in charge of such an institution and you want to appeal to these generations, it’s necessary to make changes towards becoming more interactive and interesting.
How to Make Museums More Interesting and Interactive For Today's Generation

Have an audience in mind

Before delving into new tools and great graphics, you should identify the type of people you’re aiming to attract, educate and entertain. Maybe it will include university students or perhaps even millennial tourists. Doing so will help you determine your goals and put together a more precise roadmap. Remember to create interpretive designs with your target audience in mind.

Embrace modern technology

Your museum’s interior and exhibition design doesn’t have to be as primitive as what you’re displaying. So, integrate mobile apps and virtual kiosks into your exhibits. Tools from the gaming industry like the Unreal Engine and VR glasses could prove useful for creating exciting learning experiences too. All of these stimulate the senses and provide that much-needed wow factor.

Establish a linear flow

The best way to get visitors fully immersed in your displays is through storytelling. Have one main story and break it into smaller sections of content and artefacts. Ideally, you should go for the displays to be thematic, then you can walk the visitor through each part accordingly. This will give them a sense of place and time to better understand what they’re looking at or hearing.

Use graphics efficiently

Grab their attention from the start through a catchy title or a funny meme on a banner. Infographics and labels can also paint a picture of the exhibits as well as improve the flow of foot traffic. Museum exhibition design should be both inviting and captivating while maintaining a level of clarity.

Set photo spots

Many millennials wish that museums would update their photo policies, but some displays just shouldn’t be exposed to camera flashes. Plus, they might spend too much time snapping away at specific artefacts affecting traffic flow. Fortunately, you can meet in the middle by preparing special areas just for taking photos and sharing on social media. Remind them to tag your account too.

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