Basing house

Basing House

Helping to tell complex, nuanced stories in a way that is accessible for all

Discovering the hidden stories of Basing

As part of Hampshire County Council’s subsequent successful HLF 1 and 2 bids, PLB produced an Exhibition and Interpretation Plan for Basing House, near Basingstoke. In order to create an overall interpretive vision for the site, PLB addressed key access and visitor management issues, to help visitors discover the hidden stories of Basing.

In producing proposals and design solutions for internal and external interpretive media, PLB were able to offer layers of investigation across an array of historic periods.  Incorporating replica site finds, the interpretation includes ‘viewers’, wayfinding and ‘discovery points’, while a new visitor centre houses collection items, tactile models and seeks to act as a start point for the ‘person, pamphlet or podcast’ tours, which unearth the colourful characters of Basing.

Museum exhibits on show to visitors learning about the English Civil War and fall of Basing House
Museum exhibits on show to visitors describing the Tudor period and rise of Basing House

Basing 2

“The barn/hall has wow factor to it and the kids loved it,
they also dressed up and loved the interactive bits.”

Basing 2

“It’s a fascinating place with amazing history. The ruins are quite vast and supplemented by information boards and walking maps. Well worth the visit”


Basing 1

“I have enjoyed working PLB Projects Ltd on the Basing House development project. PLB’s team worked in close collaboration with our own experts from the outset, beginning with a series of workshops to define the interpretation strategy for the site. The result is an integrated interpretation and exhibition solution, employing both graphics and multi-media, which tells the complicated story of Basing House in ways that are accessible to all.”

Peter James
Museums Capital Projects Manager, Hampshire County Council

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