Chatsworth Game Larder

Chatsworth Game Larder

Developing interpretive designs at this prestigious listed building

Inviting visitors into the narrative of history

Exhibits to explore the history, development and use of the Game Larder within the Chatsworth House estate

Situated within the grounds of the Chatsworth House estate, PLB teamed with The Chatsworth House Trust to develop the interpretive designs for a HLF bid of their Grade II listed Game Larder.

Working in close partnership with the client team, PLB created a visitor experience that is inspiring and interactive. Visitors are engaged through story telling of the history, development and current use of the Game Larder, and through connection with the wider landscape. The design explored how access could be most effectively granted, as the Larder is open 24 hours a day with free entry. Our solution looked at various interactive uses, such as utilisation of the space as a meeting point for walking groups who may not be visiting the whole estate.

Museum exhibits and information to assist visitor learning at Chatsworth House
The exhibition's information board details how Chatsworth Game Larder has changed


“There were a lot of people in the client team and things often changed direction.  PLB were always flexible, adaptable and happy to help.”

Steve Porter, Head Gardens and Landscape

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