Discovery Museum


A new gallery tells the story of England’s Northern Cavalry

Highlighting the human stories behind historic events

The Discovery Museum in Newcastle re-interpreting the story of England’s Northern Cavalry

PLB worked with the Discovery Museum in Newcastle and its regimental partner to re-interpret the story of the Light Dragoons and its antecedent regiments. Working closely with the museum’s learning and outreach teams, the new gallery has been imaginatively designed to appeal to a demanding family audience, as well as the wider community.

A new immersive AV sequence is designed to highlight the evolution from horse to light armoured vehicle and draws the visitor in to explore further. The series of strategically positioned walls provides multiple surfaces where newly filmed footage (19th century cavalry charge, and a modern day jackal vehicle) is projected. The staggered walls create an open structure that allows visitors to view the AV experience from a variety of angles as they explore the gallery.

The Light Dragoons military uniforms on display at the the Discovery Museum
The Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Visitors enjoying the story of the Light Dragoons at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle

Discovery 2

“Free entry and so much to see and learn. Great for kids and adults alike. When the kids come out asking questions about the past then you know it was worth it”

Discovery 1

“Great For Grandparents – We enjoy taking our Granddaughter to this museum and to watch her figuring out the many hands-on displays, she never tires trying. Can’t wait to take her younger sister and brother.”

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