King’s Lynn Town Hall

King’s Lynn Town Hall

PLB was commissioned to design the redevelopment of King’s Lynn grade 1 listed Town Hall and Gaol House as part of a successful HLF bid

The King of Town Halls

Concept design to reinterpret the exhibition space at King's Lynn Town Hall

The exhibitions reflect the archives and collections of the Borough to reveal the town’s decadent history, highlighting treasures from the town’s maritime connections, such as ‘King John’s Cup’ and a ‘sea of silverware.’ Visitors experience the town’s cultural inheritance through carefully chosen displays, along with audio-visual and hands-on interactives.

The existing Old Gaol experience is revitalised through the reinterpretation, creating an atmospheric and engaging exploration for all ages.

kings lynn exhibition timeline
Visually designed timeline detailing key developments of Kings Lynn from the 1400s

Kings Lynn 1

“The end result is a very high quality, engaging and exciting installation which brings vividly to life the Stories of Lynn … From development through to delivery, it has been an engaging and professional process working with the various staff members of PLB, resulting in an exciting and eye-catching display which has been well received by both the client team and the many visitors to the Stories of Lynn.”

Mark Fuller, Principal Project Surveyor

Kings Lynn 2

“A very rewarding experience. well organised, well-staffed. Learned more about the social history in there in an hour than you could read in books. How a museum attraction should be run.”

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