National Army Museum

National Army Museum

A series of temporary exhibitions tailored to each location

Declaring longstanding legacies

Museum visitors discussing period dress on display

The National Army Museum led the 2015 commemorations of the Battle of Waterloo’s bicentenary with a network of exhibitions.

The challenge was to create a series of exhibitions to deliver core learning objectives while providing a personal, local dimension to the story of the battle and its longstanding legacy at each site.

From Aberdeen to Somerset, London to Cardiff, the exhibitions varied significantly in size and for some, the solution was largely graphics-based. For others, PLB were able to design and deliver a broad range of interpretative media, including:

  • Incorporating 3D replicas of key items within the system graphics.
  • A large photo opportunity, enabling visitors to be pictured standing shoulder to shoulder with the British soldiers at the battle.
  • A family trail, specific to each site, helping them to discover key stories and collections of that regiment and their followers
Visual information boards the Battle of Waterloo’s bicentenary exhibition - Waterloo Lives
Boy discovering the past through coin rubbings at the Waterloo Lives exhibition
Engaging information and visuals telling the story of the Battle of Waterloo

War Museum 1

“PLB were really flexible and worked well with our team.  They coped well with everything that was thrown at them!”

Sarah Glaves, Design Team Leader

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