REME Museum

REME Museum

Relocation of the REME Museum – a major design and build project

Directing attention to unique circumstances

Historical artefacts and military vehicles on display at the REME Museum

PLB was appointed to undertake a design and build service for the REME Museum to plan and deliver the redevelopment at the former RAF Lyneham. The project was set to involve the relocation of the REME vehicle collection as well as art, medals collection, armoury, uniforms and archives into a former Officers’ Mess. With designs focussed on what makes REME so different, PLB directed attention on the unique circumstances around its formation in WWII and on the significant role REME plays in every conflict and every operation.

The impressive exterior of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Museum
A tank, helicopter and other mechanised military vehicles on show at the Reme Museum
Military motorbikes on display to visitors at the Reme Museum

Reme 2

“An excellent new museum for the regiment to be proud of and visitors to find out about the support services in the modern army.”

Reme 1

“There are plenty of vehicle exhibits at the REME with plenty of specialist vehicles to complete their tasks, from motorbikes to helicopters, armoured vehicles to trucks, it will fascinate technical types and small boys alike.”

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