York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum

Creating a multi-functional event space

The impressive exterior of York Castle Museum

PLB were commissioned to redesign and redisplay a major exhibition, focusing on how dramatically body shape and views on body image has changed throughout the last 500 years, particularly through culture, diet, fashion and lifestyle. Executed without compromise, existing cases were sympathetically refurbished to improve lighting and to ensure appropriate environmental standards for an extensive costume collection. Through a careful combination of low-tech and digital interactives, visitors are presented with an engaging experience.

With a requirement for a multi-functional event space, the team were able to provide a unique design which resulted in the creation of a bespoke catwalk, running the length of the gallery; this doubles up as a dressing-up interactive by day, and a corporate event space by night.

Young family learning from digital interactive screens
York Castle Museum's event space showcasing a fashion timeline
Young and old alike learning from a human X-ray on a lightbox display

York Castle Museum 2

“At the time of our visit, there was also an exhibition called ‘Shaping the body’, I found this a really powerful exhibition, which sent a really powerful message that we should never be ashamed and always be proud of our bodies.”

York Castle Museum 1

“The museum is well laid out and I loved the “Shaping the Body” exhibition, which encapsulated not only fashion, but food and life as well.”


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