What does PLB stand for?

We are often asked “what does PLB stand for?” Well, since PLB was established as heritage consultants and museum designers in January 1990, we have become know for:

P is for Pioneering: our ground-breaking “Greener Design Initiative” places sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

L is for Learning: we make discovering heritage accessible for all. And we invest in training our talented team to unlock their potential, adding value to our clients.

B is for Benefits: our award-winning in-house team brings a collaborative, innovative, creative mix tailored to each and every project.

Or is it “Proper Lovely Biscuits” which go well with a good cuppa and our northern hospitality!

At PLB we are passionate about interpreting the past, designing the future. From HLF projects to visitor attractions, please call us on 01653 698309 to discuss what PLB can mean for you?