Why Hire A Museum Design Consultant

Why Hire A Museum Design Consultant

While there’s usually an in-house team to oversee the continuous growth of a museum, it is still common to seek assistance from different kinds of consultants. These external specialists help museums prepare plans and strategies for public relations, marketing, membership sales, and development.

If your museum is expanding into a new building or you are planning for an event and currently in the process of thinking about appointing museum designers, read through this article to get a clear picture of how these experts can help you secure the success of your endeavours.

What is a museum design consultant?

A museum design consultant is someone who ensures that exhibitions and displays are correctly linked to the museum’s stories, collections, attractions and overall theme. Before proceeding with a project, they ensure that it will be suited to the museum’s own materials and conservation requirements, and that an exhibition or a new display is engaging for visitors and of the right size and quality.

In addition to working closely with members from other areas of the museum such as conservation, learning, marketing, front of house and the curator, a museum design consultant is also responsible in liaising with specialist suppliers from multimedia to display cases. This includes overseeing experts in scriptwriting, digital media and interactive displays, along with graphic design and exhibition production, to ensure that they will be able to create a mesmerising sensory experience for visitors whilst complying with the overall interpretive vision, design specifications and access requirements.

Simply put, it is only wise to commission the services of a quality and reliable museum design consultant such as the expert team at PLB to allow your visitors to gain a new understanding that will spark a deep and lasting emotional response through thought-provoking exhibits. This is achieved by creating projects that do not only possess stunning aesthetic appeal but also have the means to communicate your messages, storyline, and concept to visitors while remaining practical by meeting the limitations imposed by space and your budget.

Bring your vision to life with PLB today. We have an expert team of professional museum exhibition designers who will guide you every step of the way, from concept development to detailed planning, in order to create exhibitions that will make your visitors become your biggest advocates. For more information, give us a call on 01904 929700 or send us an email to info@plbltd.com.