Working together

Design & Build

Helping every step of the way

A shared journey

Putting your visitor at the heart of everything we do, we’ll guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Our multi-disciplinary team works in partnership with you to provide the strategy, design and delivery of thought-provoking exhibits that tell your story in new and engaging ways.

two women visit the national army museum


From achieving your vision to securing your funding, our experienced team will lead you through a clearly defined journey, supporting you at every stage of your project.


Original and innovative, our skilled creative team will develop your project from dream to reality, and into costed designs following best practice interpretive principles.


Our well-organised team can offer a turn-key solution to the build and delivery of your project so as to bring your concept to life.

Confidence guarantee

Installing a new museum or exhibition is not an everyday experience – unless it is what you do every day. That’s why PLB (who do just that) are here to support you every step of the way – from feasibility and visioning, through to concept development, interpretive design, and detailed planning of every element, we’ll guide you right through to delivering the finished project.

Committed, passionate and professional, PLB will support you throughout the journey so that your vision is delivered and your visitors become your biggest advocates.

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